UNDER the cover of darkness

UNDER the cover of darkness you share your irresistible shine Dear Prince of Dark thoughts bound to travel the same timeline You know I don’t like the dark yet I’m drawn in awe of your brilliance Those graphic reminders of pain drag me back to the cave with resistance   Bound and Dragged

beneath the obvious : UNDERcurrents

Do you feel a powerful UNDERcurrent Often activated by hypnotic words Nuzzling into your private lives Thoughts rounded up like herds   Shepherding some into temptation The branding of others as evil Obstructing and intruding ones mind Program old thoughts into a Molehill MOUNTAINS reduced to molehills DON’T STOP !! keeping abreast of things MOLE […]

UNDERcurrents of Venus

Hunter and collector of many hearts …fishing with lovely human body parts Beware of those compulsive bad habits …unconscious patterns of those randy rabbits That compelling need for love and affection Her scent lures him in catching his full attention A taste for more now he’s sampled her bait As the tide turns the mirror […]

drips of blood UNDER the boardwalk

  FANTASY is carefree and floating paddling in joy and laughter REALITY pollutes spilling over staining dreams forever after THOUGHTS are dark and tormented bubbling with lust and greed FAIRYTALE friends slowly drowning wounded and left to bleed PURPOSE shines the brightest of lights signaling danger to all ships SUFFERING is leaking slowing underneath with […]