UNDER strict instructions

DO NOT TOUCH you must not intersect or touch Parallel Passion Venus parallel Mars Squeeze and fondle Forbidden desires LOOK but DO NOT TOUCH        

UNDER attack “get me out of here”

DEAR sleepless Endless roll and resettle Shake, shake I’m  awake Pleasure seeking entities nudge Every breath tempting a deep moan to escape Ready and waiting to switch ratings Anxiously seeking a greater release Thoughts of you are lovingly forbidden Erotic suggestions never cease    

UNDER those Bette Davis eyes

Her hair is Harlowe gold Her lips sweet surprise Her hands are never cold She’s got Bette Davis eyes She’ll turn her music on you You won’t have to think twice She’s pure as New York snow She got Bette Davis eyes And she’ll tease you She’ll unease you All the better just to please […]

follow me down UNDER

UNKLE “Follow Me Down” (feat. Sleepy Sun) You’re wondering if it’s worth it You’re wondering what to do You’re asking me to see the future And you want me to tell it to you See I can’t believe it myself So how can I prove it to you That this is all a dream Okay […]

dirty laundry UNDERNEATH clean sheets

Creating stories, moving the pieces to find answers in this mind Delirious exaggeration makes you crazy and sends you blind Putting your attention on this scene will attract some willing players Divine Imagination unfolds the laundry and strips off layers “I am” a work in progress xx Backslider xx


Inviting you to spread your sweetness over me Be my Master Chef and I’ll be your LOVE sponge Filled with creamy delight offering complimentary fruit Your smooth texture meets my taste sensation Turning me carefully with your gentle hands Mastering your tool for spreading the joy Firmly and confidently pressing against my sides Filling the […]