UNDER her mantle

David Gilmour album: “About Face” (1984)   Until We Sleep Murder Love On The Air Blue Light She’s a blue light, yes it cannot be denied She will give you back your pride She squeezes, she freezes, she does what she pleases But she says she thinks of others, all the time You must rise to […]

make the road your UNDERtaker

somebody let the beast out baby …….It’s time to meet your maker Make the road your undertaker Can somebody let the beast out, baby Can’t stop the beat, can’t stop the beat Run, but you can’t hide from the heat Life is a record, playing on repeat I’m running wild, with the Lion The Beast […]

Dandy in The UNDERworld

The beat of bondage stalks on Hey little girl you move so fine All I want to do is melt your mind Under the crimson moon Under the crimson moon I wanna feel your heat under the crimson moon I wanna feel your heat under the crimson moon You can shake your torpedoes You can […]

UNDERwater….. BuOY

WHATever floats your boat….… BUOYANCY the upward force (upthrust) that a fluid exerts on an object that is less dense than itself – general physics. Buoyancy is a quality that makes things float in water. It’s also a type of happiness: if you’re full of buoyancy, you’re mood is light and happy. This is a word with […]

UNDeRrrrress ME NOW

Using your mind Imagine our skin Joined at the hip Joined from within By using your eyes You’re freezing my frame Watching our clothes burst into flames(Undress me now, you know how) Using your eyes now (Undress me now, you know how) Using your mind Using your mind So give me a light Oh give […]