UNDER the Christmas Tree

Christmas Wish List… …gift unwrapped with lights on “O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree Much pleasure thou can’st give me O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree Thy candles shine so brightly O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree How richly God has decked thee!”    

fear is lurking UNDERWATER

He’s at the end of his tether ……she ties knots and strings him along He knows better than to listen ……tuning out when he hears her song   The planets might compel them to act ……think of them as partners Incline Free will is theirs to contemplate ……the stars just want them to shine  Her […]


Inviting you to spread your sweetness over me Be my Master Chef and I’ll be your LOVE sponge Filled with creamy delight offering complimentary fruit Your smooth texture meets my taste sensation Turning me carefully with your gentle hands Mastering your tool for spreading the joy Firmly and confidently pressing against my sides Filling the […]