UNDER existing laws and current conditions

when I leave I’ll take the weather with me… and put it in a cool dry place   Just like my prescription it is sure to reduce your stress I’ll be leaving here shortly me and my stained blue dress   I’ll still be thinking of you and the sweaty moments we shared Was I […]

sinking UNDER the influence

  FEIST “Brandy Alexander” album The Reminder Though I’d like to be the girl for him And cross the sea and land for him On milky skin my tongue is sand until The ever distant band begins to play He’s my Brandy Alexander Always gets me into trouble But that’s another matter Brandy Alexander Though […]

UNDER the influence

UNDER the influence Can’t resist the urge It’s stronger than us both Keeps me up at night My addiction is a curse Raw Energy calling The habit not willing to break Contemplate Percolate Speculate It’s never too late White with two Strong but sweet Hot and frothy Love you too