UNDER all those layers

I don’t know how to talk in view

I guess that’s how things remain

I don’t know what to say to you

I love you and that won’t change


I wanted to heal but don’t know how

You have infiltrated my mind for so long

You have possessed my feet up to my brow

You tickled my hearts favourite song


You held me close and I looked for direction

You brushed my cheek with your jaw

We can’t lead with such a loose connection

We get tangled then lock all the doors


We both fed each other on fanciful romance

We searched through one another’s lies

We never did learn or complete that slow dance

Do you trust what we say through our eyes?


Do you want them to fall lovingly at your feet?

Do you wish your message stick was stripped bare?

Do I just keep on searching every street?

Do we move on as if we didn’t care?


I, You, We UNDERmine everything we see

I, You, We UNDERestimate how things could be

I, You, We UNDERcurrents of the deep blue sea

I, You, We, DO unto others… UNDER pressure to set us FREE


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