crackling UNDER intense heat

    White hot centre hypnotised their eyes With warm embraces lingering mesmerised Crackling sounds breaking down their inhibitions Burning to destroy any smoke screen suspicions Ashes to Ashes dust to dust Burning with desires igniting this lust Fanning her embers with the roar of his fire Passion scorching flames leaping higher and higher Loves […]

beneath the obvious : UNDERcurrents

Do you feel a powerful UNDERcurrent Often activated by hypnotic words Nuzzling into your private lives Thoughts rounded up like herds   Shepherding some into temptation The branding of others as evil Obstructing and intruding ones mind Program old thoughts into a Molehill MOUNTAINS reduced to molehills DON’T STOP !! keeping abreast of things MOLE […]

UNDER existing laws and current conditions

when I leave I’ll take the weather with me… and put it in a cool dry place   Just like my prescription it is sure to reduce your stress I’ll be leaving here shortly me and my stained blue dress   I’ll still be thinking of you and the sweaty moments we shared Was I […]