Indecent Obsession UNDER review

  Indecent Obsession – Colleen McCollough Indecent Obsession on the big screen

like the ocean UNDER the moon

Just like all the rest I’m leaving now and its for the best Filled with promise from death do us part It was doomed to failure from the very start I waited for you to make the move with you it seemed I had nothing to prove Men hold an image of me and assume […]

water UNDER the bridge

FLASHbacks Mondays Mumma is stretched in lace Tuesdays temptress is in your face Wednesdays wench is pleased to show Thursdays thankful and ready to go Fridays fantasy straps and leather Saturday’s sexy splosher your pleasure But the babe who was available every sacred Sunday Is your one true love you plan to marry this day […]

make the road your UNDERtaker

somebody let the beast out baby …….It’s time to meet your maker Make the road your undertaker Can somebody let the beast out, baby Can’t stop the beat, can’t stop the beat Run, but you can’t hide from the heat Life is a record, playing on repeat I’m running wild, with the Lion The Beast […]

YOU are the voice…try and UNDERstand it

YOU YOU and YOU why should I trust what YOU say YOU twist things around YOU don’t make a sound YOU wait until i slip watching me hit the ground YOU reach out to help YOU act noble and kind YOU spread your white wings of service and the light sends me blind YOU promised […]