UNDER the canopy

Circus of the Sun

Attracted by her fickle style

And beautiful patterns of light

He grabs her from behind

Engaged with playful rough and tumble

Ancient courtship rituals observed

Showing his true colours

slightly aggressive territorial tendency

clasping her neck with a firm grip

Lovingly asserting his neon supremacy

Swiftly initiating his intention on this

Mid-flight tandem linkage

Copulating merrily merrily

Down the stream

Magically paired dragonflies


In the throes of intimate passion

Closed circle of joined bodies

Dancing with nature

Blue Cellophane wings

Over life’s crystal clear ponds

sunlight sparks

ignite skyrockets in flight

Masters of air travel and acrobatics

with euphoric navigation

their hovering co-ordinates are set

Landing pad…. that’s my foot

A new perch to consummate?

Supporting the last-in position

Homeward bound

I was on their flight path

Witness to a sacred union

Viewing their enchanted coupling

Turns something on inside

Mesmerized by the fluorescent duet

My senses are stimulated

Emotions are triggered

Smiles are instinctive

L ❤ H

……Afternoon Delight