UNDERcurrents of Venus

Hunter and collector of many hearts

…fishing with lovely human body parts

Beware of those compulsive bad habits

…unconscious patterns of those randy rabbits


That compelling need for love and affection

Her scent lures him in catching his full attention

A taste for more now he’s sampled her bait

As the tide turns the mirror will replicate


Hooked on swimming in the wrong direction

UNDERwater their union sings a liquid expression

She stokes her fire fuelling his deepest desire

Leaving his passion climbing forever higher


The stealing of hearts with greedy possession

A game of catch and release is her obsession

Reel them in to observe, touch and study

Love them and leave them while some lay bloody

Nude Figure Study,

“Intimacy”?… THEY…  you and me

The game is not limited to the sea

Taste my fruit, fall under my spell

Why don’t you run so I can chase your tail?”


Willingly you have drifted into her trap

Playing the victim while purring kindly in her lap

She’s not your mother, nor your sister who’s blessed

She’s your one true love, worship your Goddess


JULY 25 until September 6 Venus Retrograde WARNING “cosmic spice in the air” DARKSTAR ASTROLOGY article (Dark Cupid Affair)

Venus entered shadow at Leo on June 21