UNDERworld facebook invaders

Comments I read

disturbing my perception

talk about needles

mind wanders

envisaging his erection

is he shooting up in some seedy motel

with his menu full of hookers

set at his table in hell?

OR is he the doctor

the one you know and trust

offering sexual inoculation

while he bathes in your lust?

OR are they talking about voodoo magic?

either way these views seem rather tragic

I think I’ll stop smoking this wacky weed

before the underworld plants its orgasmic seed


 A medical inoculation works by exposing a body to weakened viruses—strong enough to trigger a response (i.e., the production of antibodies), but not so strong as to overwhelm the body’s resistance. Attitudinal inoculation seems to work the same way: Expose someone to weakened counterarguments, triggering a process of counter-arguing which eventually confers resistance to later, stronger persuasive messages…. from Wiki

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