fear is lurking UNDERWATER


He’s at the end of his tether

……she ties knots and strings him along

He knows better than to listen

……tuning out when he hears her song


The planets might compel them to act

……think of them as partners Incline

Free will is theirs to contemplate

……the stars just want them to shine


 Her evil twin tried tempting his

……and caused this battle of their wills

His largely underestimated power

……splashes her lure and mastered skills


They could just let go of that life raft

……and simply drift with the tides

But fear is lurking underwater

……bringing to the surface that which hides


They agree to disagree on tangled seaweed

…….subject matter close to the heart

Though she still claims to love him dearly

……it’s too deep to swim back to the start


Dan Hill – Sometimes When We Touch (lyrics) album Longer Fuse 1977

Just a suburban boy…… Dan Hill grew up in a really suburban area, the model suburb of which all suburbs were based in Cananda.  “And it was a beautiful place to grow up in terms of there were so many talented kids that I learned from music, writing, books.  But it was also very, very conservative.  By that I mean I had no experience at all with girls”.

In a video to promote his 2010 album Intimate, Dan Hill told the story of this Adult Contemporary classic…… read more at http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=21956


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