drips of blood UNDER the boardwalk


FANTASY is carefree and floating
paddling in joy and laughter
REALITY pollutes spilling over
staining dreams forever after
THOUGHTS are dark and tormented
bubbling with lust and greed
FAIRYTALE friends slowly drowning
wounded and left to bleed
PURPOSE shines the brightest of lights
signaling danger to all ships
SUFFERING is leaking slowing underneath
with no clue how to plug the drips
DISTRESS is holding back the floodwaters
being that finger in the dike
RELEASE when the damned wall did burst
the little boy went on strike
ANXIOUS moments for cleansing awaits
we’ll be immersed in holy water
RELUCTANCE to accept a watered down fate
will be met with much higher order
TO BE…. continued

wounded mermaid NataliaRak

image: Natalia Rak   http://nataliarak.deviantart.com/gallery/


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