sinking UNDER the influence

  FEIST “Brandy Alexander” album The Reminder Though I’d like to be the girl for him And cross the sea and land for him On milky skin my tongue is sand until The ever distant band begins to play He’s my Brandy Alexander Always gets me into trouble But that’s another matter Brandy Alexander Though […]

follow me down UNDER

UNKLE “Follow Me Down” (feat. Sleepy Sun) You’re wondering if it’s worth it You’re wondering what to do You’re asking me to see the future And you want me to tell it to you See I can’t believe it myself So how can I prove it to you That this is all a dream Okay […]

UNDER your spell

Three months in here Can’t catch the tears Time never lands Our love is all that stands now Streets feel strange And longer lives can never change I’m so glad to have you And it’s getting worse I’m so mad to love you And your evil curse I feel out of place Just look at […]

dirty laundry UNDERNEATH clean sheets

Creating stories, moving the pieces to find answers in this mind Delirious exaggeration makes you crazy and sends you blind Putting your attention on this scene will attract some willing players Divine Imagination unfolds the laundry and strips off layers “I am” a work in progress xx Backslider xx